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Life-Skills Empowerment Group was created in 2019 after observing a noticeable shift in public school curriculum. As technology was advancing, basic/trade skills were being ignored and eliminated, while at the same time the trade skills workforce was experiencing a shortage of young adult workers. A majority of the general population of high school seniors are encouraged to pursue a four year college degree in spite of each student’s unique interests, availability, and commitments. 

The LEG Team is proud to guide any young student with life skills education, no matter what their post high school path may be, towards becoming a well-rounded and successful contributing adult. 

Regardless of their life and education goals, we intend to become lifelong mentors to these students, encouraging and fostering their pathway choices, while offering unlimited access and support from our team.

Not the only game in … the country

During the very early stages of developing LEG, figuring out the structure of our program and what topics to offer, was greatly considered. Research related to this idea came with varying results. Our 6 topics seemed to be at the top of the general consensus when...

Instructions On The Road To Instructing

This past Thursday and Friday I was extremely honored to attend the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Fundraising Academy at JFK University. The academy is 4 modules, 1 module per quarter, teaching fundraisers from all walks of life and experience, different levels of...

The Bigger Picture

LEG started as a few very small ideas to give back to the community, and promote two local businesses. During research and development, interest, positive feedback, and a high level of enthusiasm, LEG has blossomed into the program it is today. As we continue to...

LEG – The Origin Story

In the summer of 2019, two Concord Chamber of Commerce members - Shawn Einck and Don Rollins - met at a networking event. Soon into the discussion they realized that they both had a passion for teaching and explored ideas to bring important and essential topics to...

Let’s Work Together!

LEG is on a journey of making a difference in the lives of young people worldwide. You can be a part of that difference too! Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll talk about changing the world together.

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