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Life-Skills Empowerment Group (LEG) was founded to positively impact the lives of students and young people across the globe. We do this by educating them with real-world skills to help them become capable, well-rounded adults. We’ve provided some resources for you to learn more about us, our mission, and how you can become part of the team!

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About Us

since 2019

LEG was founded on the principle that every young person deserves the best education available. We strive to supplement the established educational system with powerful learning programs, helping students get a head start in life. Basic trade skills, self-care, and social development are just a few of the subjects we cover.  Our joy is in bringing useful, applicable knowledge to everyone we can. Students, parents, and teachers are welcome.

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Our Mission

To change the world – one city, one school,  even one student at a time. We’ve all heard the phrase “a rising tide raises all ships”. Here at LEG, we know that by empowering adolescents to handle the world around them, we empower the world itself. 


Our Vision

We see a world where students and adolescents grow up with a foundation in critical life skills. We want young people to be prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities in a way they’ve never been before.

What We Teach

Information built for application

There is so much young people should learn in order to become independent, functioning adults. It’s hard to know where to start! LEG manages this by diving into broad subjects – then getting small where it matters.

Home Maintenance

Automotive Maintenance

Personal Finance

Time Management & Organization

Emm - 04/14/2020

“LEG made understanding a home need very accessible! It was engaging and fun and I would love to find opportunities to learn more from LEG. I wish this had been around when I was in high school!”

Megan D - 11/18/2020

“Although I have only taken one class with LEG, I can tell that their teachers put 100% effort into teaching and making their classes entertaining and easy to follow for the students.”

Brynn - 04/16/2021

“LEG is a wonderful program that I’ve had a couple classes with now. They are always excited to teach and genuinely care about the subject.”

We strive to reach more schools, educate more students, and broaden our educational abilities. 

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LEG is a non-profit dedicated to educating the world’s youth. Donations are the lifeblood that enables us to empower others. Become a member today and help us in our goal to change young people’s lives – in every corner of the world.

News & Resources

But, shouldn’t the parents teach them that?

Written by Shawn Einck, LEG President and Educator During early research and development, LEG learned of a very shared response to offering life-skills during the high school curriculum: "But, shouldn't the parents teach them that?" "Isn't that the responsibility of...

Meet Our Board

Taevi Wilson is a Special Events Coordinator passionate about eliminating hunger in Contra Costa and Solano County through finding creative ways to raise funds and awareness within the supporters of her community. She is responsible for special event planning and...

Let's Work Together!

LEG is on a journey of making a difference in the lives of young people worldwide. You can be a part of that difference too! Give us a call or send us an email and we'll talk about changing the world together.

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